Thank you so much for taking the time to visit our site and providing us with the opportunity to offer our easy and fun courses to help you get certified quickly. We are excited to offer an online version of the Texas DPS-RSD official Level 2 Non-Commissioned training course, and the Level-3 Commission security course to you. We have also just released an online version of the Pepper Spray course.

Texas Certified Tactical Academy (TCTA) is a Texas Department of Public Safety-approved and licensed training academy. We have an actual Brick and Mortar location in Round Rock/ Pflugerville, Texas, with Board-Certified instructors, and a professional, state-of-the-art classroom.

We do not have third parties run our site or our online business like most other online courses do.

Unlike other online courses out there, we are not website administrators that operate or maintain an automated website from our home (often out-of-state or in another country).

Often, you are not even dealing with actual instructors after their site is created. In our case, you will be interacting directly with our licensed and certified English-speaking staff/instructors throughout the process, located here in Round Rock/Pflugerville, Texas (the same ones you will see in the classroom).  

Many security companies find it easier to have their employees/officers take these online courses in their office or at home for speed and convenience. Although we do recommend taking in-person courses as we feel you get more value and training experience, we understand security companies might not be able to take their staff off of the schedule and send them to long, drawn-out courses while trying to maintain coverage at their clients’ sites; this is exactly why we offer these courses as an option to get you going and quickly.

Level 2 Level 3 Online Security Course Texas - TCTA

Level-2 and Level-3 courses are authorized to be taken online as Texas DPS-RSD regulations no longer state that it “must be given in a classroom environment” (they removed the statement years ago). This opens the door to an online class for the Level-2 Non-Commission, and Level-3 Commission courses (although to note, we are a certified school with certified instructors).

These courses comply with the State’s minimum course regulations; also, several schools have been offering the Level-2 Non-Commission and Level-3 Commission courses online or partially for years, so this is not a new concept – as is the case for online LTC classes found all over the internet with DPS approval. 

The Level-2 non-Commission class can be completed in a day and is 100% online. 

Parts of the Level-3 Commission course still must be given in person, but a good 50% can be given online and save you 2-3 days of being in a classroom. The Level-3 Commission course is done in two parts:

Part 1: Online at your home or job site to read and review the course material (which should take a couple of days).

Part 2: You must come to our classroom for the hands-on portion of the course to cover: Weaponless Defense, Baton, Pepper Spray, Handcuffing, Firearms (with range qualification), and the state exam. These are done in two jam-packed full days, and at the end, we hand you your training certificates.

The days of sitting in a classroom for 4-5 days (often not being paid by your employer) are over. We listened to our customers, observed other schools, and double-checked the regulations on this; as such, here you go… a course and timeline that makes sense.

A couple of other schools out there provide only Part 1 – and call it the theory, and charge for this. Then they inform you that they do not provide Part 2 and advise you to find another school that does, for which you will be charged another fee again

We provide the entire course from A-Z for one charge, and you won’t have to contact two schools or go to two different places… we do it all (as it should be). 

This is the perfect process for students with police, military, or prior security experience as you no longer have to sit through 5 painful days of “security 101” and can simply read through the site on your own, come for two days, test out, and leave… Too Easy. 

We deeply value your business and look forward to a continued relationship with you. 

“I took their Level III course two years ago. It was good quality training. However, what was more impressive, was the promise kept of free recertification two years later for my renewal.” Lee Sodic
“The actual best training in the entire state. The range instructor was very patient and helpful showing me everything needed on the range.”Rick White




Texas DPS-RSD required notice to all students and employees of guard companies that are seeking a license:

Please be advised under the Private Security Act (Occ. Code Chapter 1702) and Administrative Rule 35.4 (37 Tex. Admin. Code 1), a criminal “conviction” may disqualify you from a registration, commission or license under the Act (not traffic tickets). You may wish to review Rule 35.4’s list of disqualifying offenses and the related periods of ineligibility, available on the department’s website at  You also have a right to request from the department a criminal history evaluation letter under Occupations Code Section 53.102.

Texas Certified Tactical Academy TX DPS-RSD # F09418701 The Level-2 non-Commission class can be completed in a day and is 100% online.

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