Security Online Course by Texas Certified Tactical Academy (TCTA)

Texas Certified Tactical Academy, TCTA, is a genuinely certified academy in every sense of the word. Founded by former US Army military combat veterans and security experts, we offer you firsthand experience training by professionals who have been in the private security industry for more than 30 years.

No other security training academy in Texas can provide such vast experience directly from the security industry like TCTA without combining non-security experience or combining several members of their staff’s experience to reach that number. Some manipulate the facts, throwing 20+ years of experience around when you find out they are combining two or three instructors’ years of experience to reach that number or adding non-private security experience years to pump it up. TCTA is different and does not play a marketing game with our students to earn their trust. 

 “I just finished the Level 3 commission officer training today and am so satisfied with how it went that I made my review immediately. I left feeling confident in what I learned and will continue taking classes from them. The environment they provide is professional, entertaining, and full of information that is presented in a way that keeps you interested, so when it comes time to test you are ready.” –Daniel Lambert

With years of training underway, TCTA has attained leadership status in private security training circles and is the preferred training academy in Texas for many security providers and agencies. In fact, (and surprisingly enough), we have found (caught) much of our content, sayings, and course material on several of our competitor’s websites to include their handouts. So, when your competition comes here to spy, copy, take content, plagiarize, and mimic your material or business model, that speaks volumes in itself on many levels, right?

No Backdoor Recruiting Here

We’ve discovered several local security companies/schools that offer an online class also offer jobs or outright recruit your employees/officers on their site and throughout their course process; this is only acceptable “if” the student is looking for work (and unemployed), but if they are already employed with your security company and you have paid to have them take that course, having that company/school recruit or poach your employees without your knowledge through links and pages inside their site can be very frustrating.

That recruitment practice should be unacceptable and/or unethical, especially when you are sending/paying your employees to attend. Texas Certified Tactical Training (TCTA) is the safer source of online security training for employers. We make a written pledge and promise that we do not offer or suggest jobs to any student, nor will you find any links or backdoor recruitment/employer contact information on our site. We do not wish to violate the trust that we have in our many, and valued security providers that send their employees here for training.

“Wonderful experience, instructor Glenn was spectacular, very informative, & professional. I Drove all the way from San Antonio all 5 days while working before or after class just to receive his phenomenal education for a Level 3 Commissioned Security Officer. Went above & beyond while answering any questions, comments, or concerns we had through the course. Was willing to stay after class to answer anything we weren’t positive about to make sure we weren’t confused about anything we covered in class or could think of. Just the best instructed I’ve had & will be returning for additional courses; recommending to family, friends, & co-workers.”-John Cruz

More Trustworthy Training

We have noticed several security training academies offering a 100% online Level 3 Commission course which should not be occurring.

There are certain blocks of instruction that simply should not (cannot) be given online and must be given in person in a hands-on environment. You cannot expect a security officer to scroll through a few pages of Weaponless Defense, Baton, Handcuffing, and Firearms training, look at a few pictures and consider them “trained”- that is simply a joke. How are they qualifying you at the range online? They are not and those schools are not operating correctly and should be reported to DPS. 

Another major problem with some of these online Level -3 Commission security training schools is they allow you to take the official state exam at home with no one watching, and without verifying who you are. In most cases, if you fail their test, their site provides you automatically with the correct answers so that you can log back in and score 100%. How is this doing the security industry, your employer, and clients any favors? With our Level-3 Commission courses we require that you come to our office to test and show ID, which means our certificates are more trustworthy. 

Sure, some classes can be given 100% online (the simple and basic Level-2 is one of them), and several other great courses are out there all over the internet; but, training a brand-new officer with zero experience in a heavy and hands-on class such as a Level-3 Commission course all online is simply ridiculous and something we do not do.

We could take the lazy way out and just be a certificate mill, but we want to do it right and want our students ready and informed. We don’t just provide the online reading material and inform you to go elsewhere for qualification, we provide the entire class from start to finish, meaning textbook all the way through to range qualification with the same school and for one price.

Any block of instruction requiring (by industry standard), hands-on training such as Baton, Weaponless Defense, Handcuffing, and Firearms is 100% done with instructors and in our classroom and live fire range (as it should be). Yes, we provide students materials to read before you arrive, but we require those stated blocks be performed in our classroom and are instructor given.

The state Level-3 Commission private security exam which is 100 questions, will NEVER be given online for security and educational certification reasons and will be given at our school in front of our instructors. We then can honestly certify that the person who took the test, is actually the person who walked into our classroom, presented ID, did not cheat or have help at home online, and understands/retains the course information provided.

The other security training schools that offer online exams for their Level 3 course have no idea who actually took that test, yet they’re signing and certifying that person knows the material and is safe to work in the industry. Due to the magnitude and size of the course, along with the exposure, liability, and future responsibility of the officer and their employer, we feel that process is reckless for a 100% online Level-3 Commission course.

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