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Handcuffing Course: Texas Certified Tactical Academy (TCTA) is a Texas Department of Public Safety-approved and licensed training academy. In addition to our brick-and-mortar location in Round Rock/Pflugerville, Texas, we are thrilled to offer a variety of online courses.

Our newly released online Handcuffing class is offered 100% online and is a fast easy way to get your officers trained quickly with the basic foundations of handcuffing and the laws that surround it.

Yes, unarmed security officers can carry handcuffs and do not need to be a Level-3 commissioned officer to do so.

Our program is not a cut-and-paste out of the DPS-RSD manual (which was only two pages); instead, we have created a very in-depth basic handcuffing course that surpasses the course DPS-RSD hands to the instructors.

A certificate of completion will be given to each student that takes and passes this course.

NOTE: This class is NOT designed to certify Peace Officers (Law Enforcement) for their agency. This class is also NOT designed nor intended for civilians outside of the security industry. This class is only for Security officers/Security guards, Bodyguards, etc. There is no license that is required to carry handcuffs or use them in Texas however, if there are training classes that provide education and limit your criminal and civil liability you should absolutely take them as you have taken this class; which is a step in the right direction. 


Our Course Topics:

  • Legal Points
  • The History of Handcuffs
  • The Arrest Process
  • The Use of Force
  • Responsibility /Care of the Suspect
  • Reporting Tips
  • Types of Handcuffs
  • Care and Maintenance
  • Handcuff Guidelines
  • Pat Down / Search Points
  • Final Points
  • Quiz
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Durations: 10 week
Lectures: 14
Maximum Students: 1000
Skill level: beginner