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Online Security Training Texas

NOTE: HANDCUFFING, PEPPER SPRAY, and BATON chapters will be covered more in detail in our classroom (during Part 2). Defensive Tactics (weaponless defense), and the Firearm chapters will have some basic course material to review here; however, there will be more additional and hands-on portions that will be done (required) in the classroom and/or the range once you arrive for Part-2.

It is up to each student to read through all the material provided on this site “prior” to arriving in our classroom as we will not be reviewing this same material in detail in class, and lots of information on this online portion will be on the final exam which is done in our classroom.

So, skipping through the pages and not reading them may result in the possibility of not passing the final exam and not understanding many of the course topics (you cannot “wing it” on the Level 3 state exam). We do not provide answers in class or do “test prep” prior to the test, so you will need to read through these chapters, and not take the final exam as a “giveaway” – it is not. The state exam is only conducted in our classroom. What we provide here on this site is only a short quiz (at the end) to see if the student at least understands and retained very basic information from the online portion.

We encourage students to take notes and write down any questions they may have as they read our site. Then, they can bring those questions to our classroom, and we’ll get them answered 100%. Students must understand that your two days in the classroom aren’t meant to provide a complete review of what you’ve already read.

Students must also bring a valid picture ID to our classroom and not (1) a temporary ID (2) not a picture of your ID (3) not an email of your ID (4) not a passport or employer ID- you must walk into our classroom with a valid state ID in your hands (from any state within the United States).

Students that arrive and say they lost their identification or forgot it will NOT be allowed to attend any classroom part of the class and will not receive a refund.